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In a game-changing deal, Jay entered into a contract with Mercury Savings and Loan to provide the cold buffet as an Executive Lunch for potential clients.

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From then on, the phone never stopped ringing. Today, trained chefs create one-of-a-kind dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. Its state-of-the-art catering headquarters now houses executive and sales offices, as well as a commercial kitchen, bakery, cake-decorating room, operations center, warehouse, and liquor room. Before school, she helped her mother prepare food for delivery, and after school, she worked in the office, learning everything about the catering business-- from food preparations and delivery processes to employee relations and marketing techniques.

Jay passed away in but his vision and dreams live on in his family.

While their first names are spelled slightly different, Chicago Cubs outfielder Jon Jay carries the same American-sounding name. Yet this former University of Miami All-American slugger and Chicago Cubs outfielder is distinctly Latino, even if most fans are not fully aware of his Cuban roots and Miami upbringing.

In fact, Jay has gotten accustomed to being misidentified as African-American. Being born in the U.

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Food beckons memories of home, of being among loved ones. The subject of those familiar foods got Jay going. The tour was unprecedented. He soon become prominent in New York politics and was elected to the first Continental Congress in as a representative from New York. During the first Continental Congress, delegates from the American colonies met to discuss resistance to the increasingly oppressive laws enacted by the British Parliament in the lead up to the Revolutionary War.

Jay was not a loyalist to the British Crown, though he initially promoted a peaceful resolution with Great Britain instead of independence. He urged the British government to reconcile with the colonists.

Who Was John Jay?

He supported the Revolution, however, as war became increasingly likely. Jay spent much of the Revolutionary War as a diplomat to Spain where he spent three frustrating years, from to , trying to garner financial support for the American Revolution and an alliance with Spain.

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Spain entered the war against Great Britain as an ally of France, though never officially aligned itself with the colonial rebellion. In , Jay joined the five-member peace commission tasked with negotiating a peace treaty with Great Britain after the American-French victory at Yorktown ended the fighting in the American colonies.

Two of the members of the commission, Henry Laurens and Thomas Jefferson , did not participate, leaving three men — Jay, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams — to negotiate a treaty with the British. During the negotiations, Jay pressed strongly for the British recognition of American independence. He also helped the United States secure all land east of the Mississippi River, with the exception of British territories in Canada and Spanish territory in Florida , effectively doubling the size of the new nation.

After the American Revolution, Jay believed in a stronger central government than that created by the Articles of the Confederation, the first constitution of the United States. Later collected into a publication known as the Federalist Papers , they argued for a system that would create an effective federal government to act in the national interest while also preserving some power for the States. After the Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolution, tensions remained high between Great Britain and the United States over a number of unresolved issues.

Britain blocked American exports with trade restrictions and tariffs while continuing to occupy North American forts they had agreed to vacate at the end of the war. Seeking to achieve peace and better commercial ties with its former foe, Washington sent John Jay to England to negotiate a controversial treaty with the British.

The Life of John Jay

While the treaty that Jay negotiated solved some of the differences with Great Britain, it was immensely unpopular at home. Critics found the treaty — which President Washington supported — too favorable to the British. His effigy was burned in several U. Jay was elected governor of New York in , at which point he resigned from the Supreme Court. He served as governor until Jay also ran unsuccessfully for president in and

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