Minnesota property title lien search

Dakota County maintains the property records mortgages, liens, deeds, etc.

Dakota County does not provide assistance in the completion of legal forms, nor does the county assume any liability for persons who attempt to complete legal documentation on their own. Please include a cover letter describing the contents, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and either a toll-free telephone number or a telephone number we can call collect if there are problems.

If the military release is yours and it was recorded in Dakota County after your discharge, you may obtain a copy. Federal regulations and data privacy rules require that military separations be available only to the veteran or those with a tangible interest spouse, family member, etc. The documents are free to residents with tangible interest.


For almost every type of document that places a lien on real estate, a related recordable document such as a satisfaction reverses the original action. These are called releases, satisfactions, terminations or cancellations.

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The lien and the satisfaction remain as a permanent record on the property. Find blanks lien release forms on the State of Minnesota Commerce Department website.

Murray County | Recorders Office

Go to Dakota County's Property Information Search to find property details, tax statements, valuation notices and property sketches. One or more attorneys in the county may be appointed by the judge of district court as Examiner of Titles and legal advisors of the Registrar. The Recorder is responsible for filing all Birth and Death Certificates for people who are born and die in Nobles County.

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The Birth and Death records filed in this office date back to the 's. To contact:. This card must be registered with your resident Minnesota County, in person. The same application can be used to change your name on your Notary Commission card. Notary and clergy registration are recorded along with appointment of county officials.

Recorder's Office - Real Estate

Mission Statement: To promptly record, file and preserve documents accurately in an efficient, responsible, and professional manner for posterity and legal purposes. To provide protection and public notice by recording, indexing, maintaining and displaying records of legal documents. Home Departments Recorder.

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