Trouble shooting check engine light car

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Check Engine Light

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Compare all your cars at once from one place, side-by-side! Get notified by email or text message when a car you're interested in drops in price! Hide Show. Why is my check engine light on? Your Oxygen Sensor is failing and will need to be replaced. What is an O2 sensor? Your oxygen sensor measures the quantity of unburned oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust fumes. What will happen if I don't get the O2 sensor repaired?

Your engine will be less fuel-efficient as it will be burning more fuel than it needs, and a defective O2 sensor can also harm your spark plugs and exhaust system.

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Your Exhaust System needs to be checked. What is a Catalytic Converter? What if I don't get my exhaust system repaired? Your vehicle won't breeze through an emissions test. New vehicles are exempt for the first seven model years. Vehicles years will be inspected using onboard diagnostics OBD.

Check Engine Light On: Why? What to do? - OBD Station

If the check engine light is turned on, these vehicles will fail the inspection and need repairs. Learn more at EPA. Rapid Screen Roadside tests allow clean vehicles to skip emissions tests and this will be indicated on your registration renewal card. But, there are times it could be a failing oxygen sensor or a faulty catalytic converter that has triggered the check engine light. Those are costly repairs. Once an error code is sent for any engine part that has malfunctioned, the check engine light comes on to alert you.

The warning light, depending on your car model will be orange, yellow, or red. However, you should book an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible to avoid possible further damage. The safest option is to safely pull over then shut off the engine. Remember the error codes are logged by the sensors located in the engine.

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A simple as that — more like plugging in your earphones to your phone. GOFAR will now scan your car every 2 seconds and when an issue is identified, it will instantly alert you. Sounds impressive, right? Check it out for yourself.

Check Engine Light Solutions

The other option for reading your code is to take your car to a mechanic who will read the error codes for a fee. Some may waiver the cost if you agree to have them do the repairs after diagnosis. However, the problem with this option is that you drive all the way to the repair shop only to be told that issue is a loose gas cap or a similar minor issue! Once you have identified your check engine light error code , it is important to find out what it means.

What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Also include details such as the year of manufacture, your car make, and model. Provide specific information into the search engine in order to get a more accurate answer. Often, you will get results on the car issue and some repair suggestions. Even if you have the code, it could be a general area defect that will still require further diagnosis.

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  • P is a common engine error code. It means vapours from the fuel tanks are escaping into the atmosphere. Main cause, a loose gas cap.

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    And the logical solution is to tighten or replace the gas cap. Once you fix that, the light will go off after driving for miles. However, if the light still remains on, there could another underlying issue for the leak.

    Don't Just Turn It Off; Fix the Problem

    And it needs to be determined by a certified mechanic. The costs for identifying and fixing check engine light issues are varied depending on your geographic location, vehicle type, age of car, urgency for repair and the type of mechanical problem.

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    A warning though, if you have not fixed the core issue, eventually the light will come on again.