Obama with no birth certificate

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Comments on Obama's birth certificate: If only proof were needed | The Economist

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President Obama Remarks on Birth Certificate

Update newsletter preferences. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Join the discussion. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Now that is no longer the case. People are loosing confidence in him in all polls, and doubters are increasing.

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  3. White House Releases Obama's Original Birth Certificate.
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Obama knows he can no longer expect people to believe him merely on his words. He has to release it before the doubt grows beyond repair. It is high time Obama realize he is subjected to the same standard as other candidates. It is high time Obama knows he is not someone special that while all others must, he can merely waive his hands and get a pass. In a nut shell, America no longer takes him at his word and he knows it now.

Obama releases long-form birth certificate

He cannot say he is the most transparent by words, and least transparent by did. We no longer take you at your words, Obama! More like Obama instantly made Trump the most influential Republican candidate, being the first one to actually do anything in politics during this election cycle. And Trump is the dream opponent for Democrats. As I understand Article 2 of the Constitution, none of this matters, anyway.

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  • The president need only be a natural born citizen of the United States, which any child of an American citizen is, wherever he is born. Schwarzenegger, for instance, could not run for president, because he was born an Austrian citizen, but a child born in Japan, of US citizens, could. Some folks are saying that the name of the hospital is wrong, for the time when Obama was born, in I don't believe the GOP nominee has yet entered the race.

    Well of course it ends it. Obama's enjoyed his joke, it ran its course, and now for the next distraction from his fairly successful attempts to deep-six America's economy, global influence and finances The constitution of the US states that only those who are "natural born citizens" of the US can be president.


    That does not mean you have to be born on US soil. You can be a natural born US citizen even if you are born overseas if both of your parents are US citizens and have resided in the US for some time. Otherwise that would preclude all foreign born children of US diplomats, military personnel and expats from ever running for president.

    He transferred there from Occidental College in California in his junior year. The article said FOX News interviewed of his classmates at Columbia and no one seemed to remember him. His book barely mentioned his 2 years there.

    Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

    It also suggested that his admission and subsequent involvement with Harvard Law review might have something to do with his involvement with the Black Students Organization. Obama has so far refused to release his transcripts from Occidental, Columbia or Harvard. At least we all knew that Bush was a partier and C grade student at Yale who only got into Harvard because of his daddy's legacy. What is Obama afraid of? It's time we get Harvard and Columbia's dirty little secret out. It could be, then, that this first and most basic document we get will be one of the last pieces of paper that future generations have.

    Todd B. Congressional Research Service. First Things and Last. Podcast Barack Obama's Birth Certificate. Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, May 5, Transcript How many pieces of paper have you got? References: snopes. Close menu Toolkit Customize Your Experience. Search: All People. Enter search text.