Couple arrested for reporting stolen marijuana

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  • Couple arrested after telling police robbers stole their marijuana?

No one is going to jail for possession of a couple of joints. Possession of larger amounts of marijuana can raise the suspicion of marijuana drug trafficking and carry harsher fines and penalties. In Ohio law, an act that involves a "gift" of marijuana transferring marijuana to another person with no exchange of money can result in a drug trafficking charge. A first offense of 20 grams or less is charged as a minor misdemeanor. Of the hundreds of chemicals found in the cannabis plant, the chemical THC is the chemical that causes psychoactive effects on those who consume it.

Substances approved for medical marijuana actually contain larger amounts of THC than is typically found in recreational marijuana products.

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So, while it may be true that medical marijuana users are not using the drug for the purpose of obtaining a "high," users need to know that medical marijuana produces the same, if not stronger, psychoactive effects as recreational marijuana. Marijuana is usually thought of as a drug that is smoked. However, smoking marijuana remains illegal even with the implementation of the medical marijuana program.

Under the medical marijuana program, certified physicians can recommend marijuana to their patients in the following forms only notice: smoking is not included :. When marijuana is smoked, it gives off a strong, lingering odor that is very recognizable to police. Many people are under the impression that their local family doctor will automatically have the ability to prescribe marijuana as they would any other medication.

However, doctors who want to recommend patients for marijuana treatment are required to take an approved training course and apply for certification from the Ohio Medical Board.

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  6. Your nearest marijuana-approved doctor may not be conveniently located to your home. Prior to using marijuana for medicinal purposes, patients must establish a relationship with a physician who is certified by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to recommend marijuana as medical treatment.

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    The physician can recommend any qualifying patient and submit a patient registration application with the Ohio Medical Board. The patient can then apply online for a medical marijuana card, and pay the associated fee. Possession of the card will allow patients to obtain and possess marijuana legally. The Ohio Code is clear that the medical marijuana law will not affect how employers choose to establish drug use and testing policies for their employees.

    Some employers are required by Federal law to retain a drug-free zone at their workplaces. All employers, state, federal, and private, will retain the right to test their employees for marijuana use, and to retain policies that fire, discipline, or refuse to hire individuals who have been using marijuana and fail employer drug tests.

    Marijuana OVI laws still apply for Ohio drivers. You still cannot legally operate a motor vehicle if your system contains an excess of the legal limit for the marijuana. Additionally, you can not drive while impaired by the drug regardless of how much marijuana or marijuana metabolite is in your system. If at any time you are stopped, and the police officer smells marijuana or finds marijuana in your vehicle, there is a good chance you will be charged with OVI and asked to submit a blood or urine sample for drug testing. Medical Marijuana users cannot operate a motor vehicle while impaired or over the legal limit for marijuana.

    There is currently no approved "breathalyzer" in use by Ohio law enforcement for evaluating the level of impairment from marijuana use.

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    The only approved tests for marijuana impairment are blood and urine tests. While the test for blood alcohol content BAC is measured in percentage of alcohol by weight or volume, the tests for blood drug content is measured in nanograms per milliliter of blood or urine. A nanogram is one billionth of a gram. These are very small amounts. Even drivers who used the drug several days prior to a traffic stop may show a blood or urine content in excess of the legal limit.

    A person whose blood or urine shows marijuana content over the legal limit might not exhibit obvious outward signs of impairment. An officer's suspicions may still be raised by an odor of marijuana, observation of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia in the vehicle or on the driver's person. In such cases, the officer will likely order a blood or urine test for the driver, even if the driver's outward behavior is perfectly normal.

    This presents a challenge for medical marijuana users who will likely have an amount of marijuana or marijuana metabolite in the blood or urine if they have been regularly or recently using the drug.

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