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When that results page appears, simply add the above code into the URL bar on your browser. This will return raw results with no personalization. After doing one of two of these, you should be able to see non-personalized results for the keyword in question. Repeat for other searches to obtain raw search results. These strategies can help you get the raw deal on how well your search engine optimization efforts are working.

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You will notice, up at the top right of the page, there are three icons. One is the silhouette of a person, one is the familiar globe icon and one is the gear settings icon. The two — person and globe — are the important icons here. Click the globe icon. This removes personalized results from your search.

  • Allow personal results on your shared devices - Android - Google Nest Help?
  • How to Turn Off Google Personalized Search Results |
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  • Allow personal results on your shared devices - Android - Google Nest Help!
  • Use Search on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

In some cases, you may not see any change to the search results. In others, the change may be dramatic.

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If you are signed in and you have a blogger in your circles, when you search for a topic they have blogged about, you will very likely find their blog in the top of the search results. Furthermore, that blog will benefit from what was previously an Authorship perk; a profile picture. Disabling such results gives you pure, unfiltered Google Algorithm results… sort of.

There are deeper layers of personalization at work. Every time you perform a new search, the button reverts back to personalized results. You will either have to remember to click to global results for every search you run, or find another way to disable them. This time, instead of dealing with the two linked personalization buttons, click the gear icon. Click search settings and examine the options available on the page.

Click to the history section to see what Google knows about you.

How (and why) To Turn Off Google's Personalized Search Results

You may be surprised at how much information Google stores about your search and web history. You can see your total number of recorded Google searches, and your comparative search density for each day. Google even has it segregated into types of search, through web, images, news, products, ads, video, maps, blogs and books.

On this page, you have a few options. You can pause your search history , so that no more pages are added to that history while you search. You can unpause it later. You can see search trends and items of interest. You can also delete your entire history and disable the feature entirely. Yes, it makes my computer freeze sometimes but I still can't leave without it.

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I installed Chrome and used it for a few days. Uninstalled because every time I clicked, even on my email, I had to remove 4 requests for my info, including stuff I don't have on Mac. Don't wanna go to Safari but seem to have no choice?

Passing throug a proxy in another country at work, I've long been aware that google forced the user into finding a commercial results and b masking resultes from other countries. If your'e shopping this certainly stops you from finding the best deals which is exactly what google is selling and if you're troubleshooting, you're limited to local information which is highly annoying. Interestingly, when I tried to access this article while using Chrome the system stalled and I couldn't get the page to load. When I switched to Safari, it came up immediately. Is Google becoming "Big Brother?

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  8. Great article - I do SEO management for a number of organizations and it is always hard to tell what are the 'real' results another user might see. With increased customization of search results - while great for the end user - makes people trying to manage search engine results pull their hair out! I don't think that any one want to disable the Google personalization it was so simply so why one can do that thing..

    I thank you as well Ann.

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    Obviously, deleting LSO's isn't enough. If it were, my businesses ranking results wouldn't have changed after deleting my Web History.

    It didn't change much.