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Kenneth Clarkson was born circa at MN. Paul Leo Clarkson 1 , 2 , 3 M, b.

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Family Leora Alice Blandin b. Citations [ S12 ] Sadie Blandin's Book. Stanley Thomas Clarkson 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 M, b. Charles, Winona Co. Family Florence Lillian Stebbins b. Charles ED pg 37 sht 2 fam Citations [ S ] A. Blanding, Blanding Family, A.

Blanding , Volume 1, pg Alice Cleveland 1 , 2 F, b. July , d.

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Alice Cleveland was born in July Abigale Clinton 1 F. Abigale Clinton married Joseph Lincoln. Abigail Closson 1 F. Abigail Closson married Francis Holden. Nellie Mae Clymer 1 , 2 F, b. December Family Samuel Thurman Ray b. Citations [ S34 ] Interview, unknown informant, Midge Blandin.

Harold Sim Cobb 1 M, b. Harold Sim Cobb was born in Joel Codding 1 , 2 M, b. Joel Codding was born circa at VT.

Family Saran? Citations [ S ] Electronic, unknown repository address, ancestry. Susan Sophronia Codding 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 F, b.

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Family William Palmer Stebbins b. Edith A. October , d. Coffie was born in October at NY. Coffie appeared on the census of 1 June at Hermon Township, St. Lawrence Co. Family Orrin Blandin b. Apr , d. Jan , d. Dec , d. George Coffie 1 M, b. George Coffie was born circa at NY.

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Family Jane? Oct , d. Arthur Henry Colburn 1 M, b. Arthur Henry Colburn was born on 14 April Frederick Harold Colburn 1 , 2 M, b. Guy Blandin Colburn 1 , 2 , 3 M, b. Isaac Davis Colburn 1 , 2 , 3 M, b. Isaac Davis Colburn was born on 30 September Family Mary Elizabeth Blandin b. Colburn 1 b. Jennie K. Colburn 1 , 2 F, b. Colburn was born on 25 June at India. Joseph Elliott Colburn 1 , 2 M, b.

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Joseph Elliott Colburn was born circa at NY. Ellis , daughter of George W.

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Ellis and Mary Anne Swift. Family Letitia M. Ellis b. Lita Belle Colburn 1 F, b.

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Lita Belle Colburn was born on 26 May Martha Stella Colburn 1 , 2 F, b. Martha Stella Colburn was born on 1 September at India. Mary Belle Colburn 1 , 2 F, b. Mary Belle Colburn was born on 18 June at India. Cassandra Colby 1 F, b. June Cassandra Colby was born in June at ME. Thayer , son of Tisdale B. Jerusha Colby 1 F, b. Jerusha Colby was born on 25 October Family Abel Howe b. Katherine Colby 1 F, b. Katherine Colby was born circa at Brunswick, ME. Elizabeth C. Cole was born circa at MA. Florence Elizabeth Cole 1 , 2 F, b.

March Florence Elizabeth Cole was also known as Isabella. Family William Anderson Harris b. Oct Citations [ S ] Ancestry. January Seneca Cole was born in January at MA.