List of different types of prisons

As incarceration became the standard form of punishment in the US, states began creating their own similar but unique prison systems.

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Each state determines how its correctional system will function. The main difference besides offence between state and federal prison is the amount time served of a sentence. Federal prisons prohibit parole, so the amount of time served is significantly higher than the average time served in a state prison. Jail v Prison Jail is a locally-operated, short term facility where as prison is a state or federally operated, long term facility.

Jails are mainly used for detaining inmates awaiting trial or sentencing. They can also house inmates who have been sentenced for less than a year. This will vary depending on the state. Prisons are long term facilities used after sentencing, where felons and inmates are housed for more than a year.


These sentencing guidelines may vary by state. In six states there is an integrated corrections system of jails and prisons. In this post, we highlight the classification of prisons in Nigeria, according to whatever information is available about them. For the purpose of clarity, 4 major types of prisons highlighted here. The following above are the list of prisons in Nigeria in which they vary in capacity and type of criminals that is being sent to these prisons. Take for example most political or ex-official that are found wanting in one way or the other are being sent o Kuje prison why notorious offenders like armed robbers, hired assassins, kidnappers are been sent to Kirikiri maximum prison to be under close and tight surveillance so as to avoid the criminal to escape and also to keep a very close sanctions on the criminal if he can be rehabilitated to be useful for the society at large.

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The Types of Prisons are often indicated in the names. So to know the type of prison just follow the name code. Federal Prison Medium Security , Kuje. Although not many of the political figures were sentenced at the time, they were usually remanded in Kuje prison while their cases were pending in court.

Some of the high profile lodgers in Kuje prison include Umaru Fintiri- former acting governor of Adamawa state. As the common saying in a society where there is no law, there is no crime, which literally connotes no society can stay without having a backing or standing orders to promote peace, unity and avoid any form of rowdiness in the society.

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Many nations today enjoy the peace the nation deserves due to checks and taking law and punishment into full practice, many offenders have been prosecuted and sanction appropriately according to how the constitution stipulates it. It will be of great importance to know, many offenders are not just killed or fined just like it occurs to many, many are kept in the prison for some years according to the level of their offenses.

Today we will be writing on the type of prison in Nigeria. An example is Escape Tunnels being only dug by Prisoners possessing the "Clever" trait.

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As the crimes the prisoners have committed are also affected by their traits, the convictions in their biography give an indication about possible traits. Choosing The Lobbyist as a warden halves the chance of prisoners coming to your prison being violent or lethal. Low Security prisoners will be more patient in regards to their needs. High Security prisoners will often get angry quick if their needs aren't met. Prisoners who commit any of the above misconducts will be locked down in their cells or solitary confinement, according to your prison's Policy.

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Once misconduct occurs, the prisoner will be placed in handcuffs and then escorted by a Guard to his cell, or to solitary confinement. Once escorted, the prisoner will receive a new status called "Lockdown" or "Solitary" that will begin counting down in hours and minutes. All of this can be changed in the Policy screen.

In short, the policy can change the length of time a prisoner must stay in lockdown before being allowed out of their cell again, and whether the prisoner goes to solitary or his cell depending on the type of misconduct. You can assign discretionary punishments to prisoners via the rap sheet - up to 24 hours of Lockdown or 24 hours in Solitary.

If researched by the Lawyer , even permanent punishment can be applied. Prisoners will then be locked in their cell or solitary cell until the player cancels this measure. Prisoners in solitary confinement or locked-down in their own cells will have meals brought to them. This should prevent prisoners starving to death in solitary. The prisoner profile also referred to as the 'rap sheet' is accessed by clicking the prisoner whose profile you wish to view and contains 4 tabs of information.

This sheet provides the ability to re-categorize the inmate's security level in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

The player may also search the prisoner, his cell, or his entire cell block. Finally, individual punishments may be meted out, including the ability to set permanent punishments once unlocked through Bureaucracy. This is the only place to lock down a prisoner for an unlimited time until cancellation. Some prisoners have a biography text defined by people who bought the "Name in the Game" package of Prison Architect.

These biographies however don't affect the convictions. This tab will display any Reputation attributes the inmate may possess, but only if that attribute is known. Prisoners with a yellow "??? These traits make housing these inmates particularly challenging, as they possess abilities which make them either more dangerous to others, or a target for others. In some cases, the prisoner will have a high degree of a reputation, e. In a very small number of cases, you will receive a Legendary Prisoner.

These guys have a potent mix of the above list that makes them very dangerous. The reputation of a prisoner may be known to you from when he arrives, or it may have to be learned through Confidential Informants or Phone Taps. Except for gang allegiances and the snitch reputation, the reputations of a prisoners will not change throughout the game. Choosing The Lobbyist as a warden halves the chance of prisoners coming to your prison being volatile, deadly or fighters. Choosing Rita as a warden halves the likelihood of them being stoical or fearless.

Female prisoners generally are less tough and strong than male ones, meaning that their chances to win a fight against a male guard will be lower. The profile also includes an Experience tab showing which programs a prisoner has completed and what kind of activities the prisoner has been doing. A list of the most recent infractions committed by this prisoner, followed by their total time spent in your prison.

This bar comparatively shows what your prisoner has been doing during their stay.

What are the Different Types of Prisons?

Eventually, when the prisoner has been active in your prison for several days, the activity shown should normalize to reflect your Regime settings if the prisoner has been behaving. Apart from the regime activities, "Misconduct" and "Exercise" are possible options displayed here. The proportion of time your inmate has been either a Good, Bad, or Normal mood. This bar can serve as an indication of Need frequently going unfulfilled.

Emergence of the penitentiary

In this bar, the Status Effects and their distribution are displayed as following:. If the inmate is currently enrolled in a Reform Program , the status of their progress will be displayed here. The top bar represents the time spent in the Program, while the bottom bar represents the prisoner's chance to pass the course. When the top bar is completely filled, the prisoner will either fail or pass the course.

The final bar at the bottom of the sheet displays the inmate's sentence time. The total sentence time is shown on the far right, whereas the red bar represents time served. The lighter red and blue bars filling the bottom half of the bar represent when the prisoner will be eligible for Parole. The sentences use a time concept different from the usual game time.