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The central courthouse plaza , a lawn under huge old elm trees, is a gathering and meeting place. Cultural events and performances take place on many nights in the summer on the plaza. Barry Goldwater , the Republican nominee for president, launched his presidential campaign from the steps of Prescott's Yavapai County Courthouse.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, part of the Prescott Fire Department, lost their lives Sunday, June 30, , while battling the Yarnell Hill fire that had ignited two days earlier south of Prescott. According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of Prescott is considered part of North Central Arizona. It is just south of the Granite Dells. Here a number of hiking trails connect to the Peavine Trail. This railroad traveled from Prescott to Phoenix through the Granite Dells.

Natural lakes include Lynx, Granite Basin and Goldwater, all surrounding different areas of this rustic community. Goldwater Lake, [19] by Goldwater Park, is 4 miles 6.

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Lynx Lake [20] is another lake close to Prescott in tall ponderosa pines , and gets some , visitors every year. Finally, there is the smallest of the natural lakes with 5 acres 2. Average annual precipitation for — was The largest portion of precipitation falls during the July—September monsoon season. The average season for freezing temperatures is October 21 through May 1. There was a severe drought from to , seen from the lack of snowpack in the Bradshaw Mountains.

Local creeks do not contain water except immediately after the rare rains. Nevertheless, at the start of lakes were reported as full. The winter of —06 had less than 3 inches 7. Prescott is affected each year by the North American Monsoon. In spite of the dangers of flash floods and wildfires , many locals enjoy monsoon season for the relief of cooler temperatures, which commonly result from storms during the height of summer heatwaves.

Arizona receives half of its annual rainfall during monsoon season, but this can be misleading. Monthly averages in precipitation can give the false impression that rains are confined to monsoon season, while single-day annual rainfall records have been set far outside of monsoon season, repeatedly.

Prescott area residents have faced the challenges of extreme rain and flash flooding since the first prospectors arrived in search of gold in the late s. In Joseph R. Walker's original mining camp on the banks of Lynx Creek was completely swept away in a flash flood less than a year after arriving in Prescott. The Verde, which has in some years been completely dry, gushed with 4, cubic meters per second of water on Feb 24, , or about half the size of the Columbia river.

Tropical Storm Octave , in , brought Damages included the Santa Fe Railway , which was washed out in so many places it was completely abandoned the following year.

As of the census of , there were 33, people, 15, households, and 8, families residing in the city. The population density was There were 17, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the city was There were 15, households out of which The average household size was 2. In the city, the population was spread out with The median age was 48 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 7.

The Prescott Gateway Mall is an enclosed shopping mall that opened in , replacing Ponderosa Plaza, which was Prescott's first enclosed mall when it opened in Downtown Prescott has dozens of independently owned and operated shops. Prescott has many Victorian style homes.

Prescott has buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Prescott is home to the downtown historical area known as Whiskey Row , until a notorious red-light district [ citation needed ]. In , a great fire destroyed almost all of the buildings on Whiskey Row, including the Hotel Burke, advertised as "the only absolutely fireproof building in Prescott". Whiskey Row runs north and south on Montezuma St. Michael's Hotel formerly the Hotel Burke and the Palace Hotel since the late 19th century, along with other colorful purveyors of night-life. Originally built in , The Palace Restaurant and Saloon was rebuilt after the fire, and is now the oldest continuous business in the entire state.

More public courses are located nearby in surrounding towns. Prescott is home to The Arizona Pioneers' Home , a continuing care retirement home, operated and funded by the State of Arizona, originally intended for impoverished Arizona founders from Territorial days.

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Initially the home was built to house 40 men, but in an addition of a women's wing was completed to provide for 20 women. Later, in , the home again expanded to include Arizona's Hospital for Disabled Miners current total capacity is beds. Scenes from the movie Jolene were filmed in the Pioneer's Home in The Home has had many colorful residents, including a John Miller, who had claimed to be Billy the Kid , and who was exhumed from the Pioneer's Home Cemetery in in an attempt to identify DNA evidence.

Another resident was "Big Nose Kate" Elder , who would also be laid to rest in the Pioneer's Home Cemetery, though not without controversy. Prescott is home to Prescott College , a small liberal arts college located just west of the downtown area that emphasizes environmental and social justice. It is a non-profit organization which has an undergraduate body of roughly students, and an average student to faculty ratio of in on-campus classrooms.

On-campus students live in Prescott and attend classes at the college itself.

Prescott was at one point a recovery destination, with over sober living homes dedicated to drug or alcohol recovery. However, increased regulation and enforcement has whittled that number down to less than 30 as of June The cultures of Prescott's recovery community, the students at Prescott College , and preexisting small town punk subculture have fostered a thriving punk scene. Shows are hosted weekly at house venues , tattoo shops, and bars throughout downtown and the Dexter neighborhood. Local bands often play shows alongside touring bands, who include Prescott in their tours.

Article 12 County Medical Examiner Definitions County medical examiner; alternate medical examiners; fund; notification Reporting of certain deaths; failure to report; violation; classification Powers and duties of county medical examiner Right to enter premises; right to seize articles Removal or disturbance of body or effects or weapons without consent prohibited Autopsies; reports; exemption from liability Article 1 County Charges, Specific Funds and Warrants for Current Expenses County charges Expense fund; estimate of expenses; transfer of funds; retransfer of excess Expense of maintaining government defined Salary fund; sick pay fund; other funds Article 2 Claims and Warrants Payments from treasury on demand; exception; duty of auditor general; payment of loss; alternative procedure Demand; time limit for presentation of claim Record of demands and warrants Audit of nonprofit corporations receiving county monies; definition Article 2.

Article 3 Auditing Provisions Posting of financial statements; budget Annual statements to state treasurer Suspension of county assessor or county treasurer; due process Vacancy in treasurer's office; duty of board.

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Article 4 Financial Assistance from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona Financing wastewater treatment facilities and nonpoint source projects; financial assistance loan repayment agreements; definition. Article 5 County Judgment Bonds Definitions Article 1 County Sports Authority Formation of authority Board of directors; conflict of interest prohibited; violation; classification; powers and duties Using university property County sports authority fund Annual budget Termination of the authority.

Article 2 Authority Bonds County sports authority bonds Bond obligations of the authority Certification of bonds by county attorney County sports authority bonds as legal investments.

Article 3 Municipal Jurisdiction Limitation on powers and duties of a county sports authority. Article 1 County Planning Definitions County planning and zoning commissions Consultants; employees; use of services by city or town Comprehensive plan; contents Comprehensive plan adoption; notice; hearing; amendment; expiration; readoption Rural planning areas; rural planning zones; formation Specific zoning plans; adoption; administration; contents Infrastructure service area boundaries; notice; hearing; adoption Public works project planning; utility input; definitions Requirement of planned community prohibited.

Article 2 County Zoning Zoning ordinance; zoning districts; definitions Restriction on regulation; exceptions; aggregate mining regulation; definitions Zoning ordinance; adoption; amendments; notice; hearing Rezoning; conditional zoning change; notice; hearing; citizen review; definition Enforcement; county zoning inspector; deputies; building permits; violations; classification; civil penalties; hearing officers and procedures Boards of adjustment; powers; appeals Transfer of development rights; definitions Disclosure of filings; military electronics range; definition Residential housing; requirements; fees; prohibition Restriction on regulation; home-based businesses; exception; definitions Article 3 County Subdivision Regulation Subdivision regulations; subdivision reservation for public facilities and services; conditions; procedures; time limitation Subdivision approval; platting regulations; violation; classification; easement vesting Water supply; adequacy; exemptions.

Article 4 Land Divisions; Appeals; Moratorium Review of land divisions; definitions Appeals of county actions; dedication or exaction; excessive reduction in property value; burden of proof; attorney fees; compliance with court decisions Standards for enactment of moratorium; land development; limitations; definitions.

Article 5 Building Codes Adoption of codes by reference; limitations; method of adoption; fire sprinklers; fire apparatus access roads or approved routes; intent; state preemption; fire watch requirements; pool barrier gates Article 6 Air Quality Emissions control; no burn; exemptions; penalty Control techniques; rules; schedule for adoption Rules; industry sectors; enhanced enforcement Control of area sources; rules; industry sectors Clean burning fireplace ordinance Engine idling restrictions; exemptions; applicability; civil penalty; definition Air quality control measures.

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Article 1 Public Libraries Establishment and maintenance of libraries City or town joining or withdrawing from county library district Contracts for third party to assume function of county free library; termination Board of library examiners; membership; compensation; powers and duties County librarian; certificate General supervision; branch libraries; employees Supervision by director of the Arizona state library, archives and public records; semiannual convention of county librarians Reports by county librarian County free library district fund; custody Gift, bequest or devise to county free library; title to property.

Article 2 Public Parks Definitions Acquisition of property for park purposes; dedication; eminent domain; authority to make improvements Cooperative agreements between governing bodies; prohibitions; agreement with United States or others Parks and recreation commission; appointment; meetings Powers and duties Article 3 Joint Exercise of Powers Definition of public agency Intergovernmental agreements and contracts Article 4 Relocation Assistance Definitions Relocation assistance advisory services Payment of moving and related expenses; substitute payments Replacement housing for homeowners Expenses incidental to transfer of property Replacement housing for tenants Application review by the chief executive officer of the acquiring agency Relocation assistance rules Payments not income or resource; welfare assistance Effect on eminent domain proceedings Assurance of availability of housing Litigation expenses Buildings, structures and improvements When provisions and benefits available.

Article 6 Animal Control Definitions Powers and duties of the state veterinarian and the Arizona department of agriculture Powers and duties of department of health services Powers and duties of board of supervisors Hearing officer; hearing on civil violations; additional remedies Powers and duties of county enforcement agent License fees for dogs; issuance of dog tags; exception; violation; classification Kennel permit; fee; denial; inspection; violation; classification Anti-rabies vaccination; vaccination and license stations Rabies control fund Dogs not permitted at large; wearing licenses Establishment of county pounds; impounding and disposing of dogs and cats; reclaiming impounded dogs and cats; pound fees Biting animals; reporting; handling and destruction; exception Article 6.

Article 7 Summer Youth Employment and Training Definitions Local programs; state funding appropriation and allocation.

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Article 8 Enforcement of Immigration Laws Cooperation and assistance in enforcement of immigration laws; indemnification. Yavapai County Agricultural Production The County encompasses 8, square miles and 5 square miles of water. For comparison, the area is about the same size as the State of New Jersey.

Thirty-eight percent of the land is administered by the U. The first territorial government in Arizona was established 20 miles north of present day Prescott in and moved to the site of Prescott in Prescott was the center of gold mining activity and one of the most productive areas of the Southwest.

The principal industries today include tourism and recreation, ranching, manufacturing, and mining.

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The population of Yavapai County increased rapidly in the last 38 years -- from 31, inhabitants in to 62, in to , in to , in The population increased 56 percent from to , making Yavapai the second fastest growing county in Arizona. Sixty-six percent of the population lives in the western part of the county. The leading city is Prescott the county seat , with a population of 33, Topography and Soils The terrain varies in elevation of 1, feet to just under 8, on its mountain peaks. The county lies in the center of a mile strip of Ponderosa pine forests which crosses the state from the northwest corner to the eastern border.

Other vegetation types include: mixed conifer, pinyon-juniper, chaparral, desert grassland, and upper Sonoran desert. Big Chino Valley elevation 4, - 4, ft consists of gently rolling to flat topography in the valley floor. The average soil depth is 4 - 6 ft. The soil is sandy loam to clay loam with a pH of 7.