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How much has the recall of their malevolent code-carrying CDs cost Sony so far this Christmas? Technorati Tags: digital rights , DRM , music. Technorati Tags: meme , podcasting , QuickTime , streaming.

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Ultimately no human brain, no planet full of human brains, can possibly catalog the dark, expanding ocean of data we spew. In a future of information auto-organized by folksonomy, we may not even have words for the kinds of sorting that will be going on; like mathematical proofs with 30, steps, they may be beyond comprehension. But they'll enable searches that are vast and eerily powerful. We won't be surfing with search engines any more.

We'll be trawling with engines of meaning. How will we keep up with the "dark, expanding ocean of data we spew"? Social filters? Faster memex-like gadgets? Do we need open algorithms in future search, so that each person can tweak their own preferences? Will we become dependent on social networks to filter the world for us, and if so, are the current representations of social relations too coarse?

Will we be spending more and more time creating explicit metadata, like tags, in order to help channel the "expanding ocean"? What does it mean to be smart, today? At dawn the ridge emerges massed and dun In the wild purple of the glow'ring sun, Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud The menacing scarred slope; and, one by one, Tanks creep and topple forward to the wire. The barrage roars and lifts. Then, clumsily bowed With bombs and guns and shovels and battle-gear, Men jostle and climb to, meet the bristling fire.

Lines of grey, muttering faces, masked with fear, They leave their trenches, going over the top, While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists, And hope, with furtive eyes and grappling fists, Flounders in mud.

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O Jesus, make it stop! Mary takes Intelliseek to task for calling the writers of the web 'consumers', but her suggestion of 'users' is equally infelicitous - even Scoble winces every time he says 'user generated content'. We already have a word for people who create for the love of it, rather than being paid to, and it is 'amateurs'.

As with many other pleasures, when we seek out opinions, we prefer those that flow from passion rather than from payment. Now it may be argued that, given the decline in the teaching of Latin and French, the loving root of 'amateur' is no longer perceived, so those who write pour l'amour ou pour le sport may see 'amateur' as a slight. In which case lets retranslate it to english and call it 'lovingly created media'.

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Technorati Tags: blogs , meme , rhetoric. Joi's blogsitter and Xeni find it notable that some Paris rioters have blogs. This brings to mind again Douglas Adams' wise words from :. Notice also that the linked article mentions that studios have been shortening the wait between cinematic and DVD release.

Think about the impact that has - it moves DVD sales earlier, thus giving an artificial short-term boost that will eventually even out. Ewan told me over lunch that the UK Govt had been defeated in the Commons over an extension of detention without trial , which strikes me as encouraging for the ORG agenda there's still time to be one of the thousand founding patrons , if you hurry.

This made me think about the difficulty of defending an existing, working organisation like the House of Lords or ICANN against a putative more democratic one. The EU argument to the WSIS that internet routing being controlled by a corporation under US Govt laws is somehow wrong and needs to be fixed is difficult to counter in theoretical terms, but it is a pragmatic fact that ICANN, like Wikipedia or eBay or microformats, works better than you might expect.

Just as the House of Lords often does a better job in revising legislation than the Commons, because of both the lifetime tenure, and varied expertise of the specialists appointed to it, ICANN, as Lessig says 'have developed an internal norm about making as light a regulatory footprint as they can'. If only the US equivalent of the House of Lords, the Supreme Court , could get lawyers like Lessig and Crawford appointed, with their scepticism of purely legislative solutions. PS - Armando Iannucci perfectly satirises Blair's bogus arguments.

I think this week may be when the supposed middle ground of DRM vanishes. This is the first of my 5 points : DRM Turns your computer against you. Sony will feel a backlash due to the value destruction they inflict on their customers point 5 , and their sales will fall. Microsoft should disable the CD Autorun feature used as an infection vector by Sony, as Apple did 7 years ago. The MPAA attempt, though is serious. They managed to pass a similar law in that mandated Macrovision video signal corruption, and faulty AGC circuitry for non-professional video recorders.

This is why you can't run your DVD player signal through your VCR, and why dubbing copies of your home videos is so awkward. I worked long and hard at Apple for 5 years making the digitisation of video work easily and seamlessly, so we could all edit video, so my children could create and share with the world , and this stupid law will deliberately undo our work and break our computers and cameras on purpose.

It goes without saying that it will do nothing to prevent large scale commercial copying of movies, as this is done with professional equipment, and is already illegal and subject to huge fines. All it will do is yet again invert the legal presumption of innocence point 4 , and assume that my boys' videos, and your own recordings are copyright violations, and stop them from being digitised. The ' Analog Holes ' they want to stop up are our eyes, ears and mouths.

Technorati Tags: digital rights , DRM , law , meme , politics , video. Inspired by the latest 5ive , which is much funnier. Technorati Tags: 5ive , apocolocyntosis , DRM , sony , tagcamp , web 2. Technorati Tags: DRM , meme.

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Technorati Tags: , blogs , technorati. I've talked about this before , but not written it down. One of the criticisms of tags is that they are 'just keywords again', which is true. The key difference is that they are experienced differently by the users, in a way that imposes much less cognitive load. Conversely, Flickr's tagging is used by most of its users. Part of this is down to the effect of working in public rather than private, as discussed in another context in Cory's classic 'outboard brain' essay , where the sense of public performance changes the psychology of annotation.

But a key part of it is the cognitive load of the user interface. With iPhoto, in order to tag something, you need to first dig around in the menubar to bring up the Keywords dialog, illustrated here. Then you need to select the photos that you want to tag with that keyword in the main window, then go back to the Keywords window and click 'Assign'.

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This is not just a four-stage process, it has 2 stages that impose a big cognitive load, of the kind Cory describes as one of those get-to-it-later eat-your-vegetables best-practice housekeeping tasks like defragging your hard drive or squeegeeing your windshield that you know you should do but never get around to. Being handed a list of keywords and asked to add your desired ones is in effect asking you to construct a personal ontology of the world; to break the world into categories you want to keep track of.

To hold the entire universe in your head in one go, and chop it into meaningful chunks. That's too mentally exhausting for most people. Plus, as creating a keyword is a 2-stage process, it feels a bit like they are rationed. Then, the implied second task is to go and find all the pictures you have taken that fit that keyword. Again, this involves scanning through possibly thousands of images looking for the right one. Now these aren't actual constraints; you can just create one tag and apply it to one photo, but the process makes it feel like a big deal, and something that you should consider carefully before doing it.

So hardly anyone does it. Conversely, Flickr prompts you for tags for each batch of photos you upload, and shows you each individual photo with a place to type tags in next to it.

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  • You look at the picture and type in the few words it makes you think of, move on to the next, and you're done. The cognitive load is tiny, because you have the picture in front of you and you can't help but think of words to describe it. Aperture , Apple's new application for professional photographers, seems to have come up with a better solution than iPhoto.